Methodical Dreams to Close 2009

The title of the series of work to close 2009 is Methodical Dreams.

To me this series represented pushing the boundaries of composition and form. Dreams cannot be contained, they have no limits, I tried to represent that in my recent paintings. I wanted the marks to look like they appeared from in a flash and may never go away. Color blending and mixing were key to the series…. I felt the better works in this series featured strong color composition. That being said there was still imperfections in my work(and there always will be), as a result of basically eliminating all recognizable form, the paintings of “Methodical Dreams” became at times, too blurred, too messy, too active. Overall I felt that I learned much by creating these new works and they should become a bridge to other works in the future which is always one of my main goals as a progressing artist.

Below are my favorites of the series, visit my website to view the rest of the series along with previous works

Thank you for reading and viewing my work



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Closing down for 2009

I am done with my abstract work for 2009. I am usually out of supplies and out of positive emotional energy around November/December and this year is no different. My body of work featured dramatic aesthetic changes….. In 2010 I plan on focusing on combining what worked best in 2008 with what worked best in 2009 to make my work more focused and methodical than ever before.

In the meantime I plan to continue to do figure and illustration work as I prepare for the spring semester. I also plan to be more aggressive and proactive at selling/showing my work which includes possibly hiring a PR or “artists agent”. I will also be seeking gallery representation in 2010. Lastly I will be pursuing music with 3 different bands in a last ditch effort to make some good music with good people.

Thanks for your interest in me as a friend and artist and I hope you have taken interest in my work and will continue to or start doing so in the future. As always you can find me on facebook, my blog at zacharyhillart.wordpress, twitter, and now tumblr.Clo

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Blog Announcements

This blog will now be dedicated to the official artistic profession of my life which is just a fancy way of saying that this particular blog will become less personal and more dedicated to announce exhibitions/artwork for sale and to discuss/explain processes, end results etc. etc.

Being a highly opinionated, extroverted, artist who moonlights as a writer for an arts magazine/blog, I still feel the need to have a personal blog to just write and discuss happenings, experiences, opinions and such. Therefore:

This blog will be the personal blog that will basically be a sketchbook/diary of my life…….

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Video Sketchbook 12.4

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Regarding Music and the Quest to Make the Good Kind

I’m not a music major, or a guy who has been playing guitar/piano for a million or something romantically awesome that would help me get girls, I suck at making vocal melodies, and song writing.

But I just love music and I love being a musician. Music influences everything I do, its the thing that keeps me going each day. Music contains the last drops of idealism left in in my body. Music gives me hope. Fortunately, the natural forces have graced me with natural abilities of understanding rhythm and sound, as a result I have developed into a pretty good drummer, I’m no Keith Moon or Mitch Mitchell, but I think I’m good at what most drummers should be good at. And I am getting good enough at the piano to play with other people too(I am so far away from anything special so don’t get excited…. not like you are or anything…. I wouldn’t be getting excited)

I’m excited to say that despite the hiatuses and blockades that seem to hamper my dreams of musicianship, I have finally managed to find other musicians who share my passion for music…. it seems like they are crazy enough or foolish enough to put all their eggs(hopes and dreams) into making music for a living. They don’t want to get famous(well maybe they do a little bit).

They just want to make good music….


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Why Does Abstract Art Suck?

As I was flipping through my movie channels searching for a film to help me enhance my holiday vacation, I came across(not for the first time) a documentary film called “My Kid can Paint That” which is a film by a little 4-year-old girl named Marla Olmstead that happens to paint these fantastic abstract paintings(naturally) that have sold for literally tens of thousands of dollars, and basically from my viewpoint, the film uses the story of Marla and her family as a window into the good and the bad of what has become modern art, and more importantly modern abstract art.

But I don’t want to write a review about this film, or really anything about it I would rather use it as a jumping off point to write about how modern abstract art has been and probably always will be viewed by the general public and even the most esteemed of art critics and patrons alike: Abstract art sucks! That seems to be the general consensus spoken in layman’s terms. Of course highly paid critics or wealthy patrons will have a more technical and proper criticism when discussing why they think abstract art sucks so much.

But why does abstract art suck?

Okay many people including myself loves the wide range and possibilities of abstraction in both the ideas and physical execution of art that isn’t always so easily laid out to the viewers. But when the every day measurements and standards of excellence are applied to a lot of art being made today like “technical skill” and “time consumption” a great amount of modern art can be seen as being of low quality.

Of course there are wonderful abstract artists that take a lot of time painting or composing a work that does involve a great amount of technical skill, but thats what makes modern contemporary art so unique and wonderful… it’s diversity. It usually takes me no longer than 3 hours to compose one of my larger works, it might take another abstract artist over a year to compose something similar….

But I digress because I still haven’t answered the question of why I think(or most people) abstract art sucks? But in a way I did, because the answer is the diversity, the scope, the complexities of the art being made today. Let’s face it, most people prefer classical painting because the story is laid out easy to see in a portrait, landscape etc. there is no mystery in classical painting…. and people like what they can understand.

On the flip side the average art viewer assumes that modern abstract art has no story simply because it’s not in front of their faces. They(the viewer) will have to either research the artist that created the work to find out the story, or more preferable(at least to me) is that the viewer creates a story on his own using the work as a template for his/her imagination. The diversity and complexities of todays art has led to art becoming generally more mysterious than in previous movements or generations.

Thus the animosity, anger, and eventual hatred of abstract art ensues, when I hear “that painting sucks” or “I hate abstract art” I really think the person saying these things are saying: “I don’t understand abstract art and I think these artists are trying to fool me”. A lot of them are, they have been jaded my society or critical viewers, or they are just really pretentious snobs who feel that their art is too good for the masses therefor they must use their art to insult their audiences. But a lot of them are not, they lack the desire(or the skill) to tell a straight forward story, yet they feel like they have a story to tell, they have something to say.

We aren’t trying to fool you, we aren’t trying to con you with badly composed, unskilled art. I think artists are always trying to express, convey, and record feelings and thoughts of the same feelings and thoughts we all feel each and everyday about everything we experience. And sometimes its better to construct visual poetry rather than constructing a visual novel.


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Vlog 11.24

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