Hello world!

So this is the start of another social networking tool, that may sound cynical, but I am using all the words litearlly…. especially the word tool. As an artist who many people would believe has started his career somewhat late(25 years old sounds old to some and young to others). I liked art and I liked to draw at a young age, but I never wanted to seriously be a career artist unitl 2 years ago when I took my first college art class.

Since then art has dominated my thought, heart….. and well my life. I can no longer imagine myself doing anything else with my life.  Therefore, almost everything I do is a way to contribute to my passion of making art, most of my income is dedicated to materials and supplies, my academic pursuits are now dedicated to art, and finally my social networking is intented for my personal exposure as an artist.

Exposure….. for better or for worse, I believe any serious artist is seeking this. We feel that we have something to say, something to contribute to our current culture, after all isn’t that what art is in its most basic definition?  A record or reflection of the culture of the time the artwork was made. A great way to analyze a civilization is by viewing its art.

And in modern day depression, with galleries becoming fewer instead of greater, and those galleries or artistic venues becoming sales floors more than a area for the showing of art……. why not move our goals of exposure to the most obvious arena of exposure?

It is the logical next step in the line of artists showing their work. Today artists can go online and share there work, techniques, and even their personalites and personal journeys through the world of art. Imagine what Picasso would have done if he had the internet as a tool for reaching the masses!

Therefore, here I am, being the only person I know how to be….. willing to be as extroverted as I can for the sake of being exposed……. completly exposed.


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