It would be easy to assume that the only reason I would be writing a blog about proxart is because I am a contributor to this organization now, or that they(or now we) recently did our first “Online Exposure” video on myself and my artwork as kind of a “pilot”.

Forget all the obvious cross promotion and shameless self-promoting I am doing right now and focus on what Proxart is.

First off, I knew some of the people that is a part of proxart before I even knew there was a proxart, and I have not met a group of people who are as genuinely as kind as this group is, not just kind because everyone can be a little kind from time to time, these guys are genuinely kind ALL the time.

Naturally being around and meeting kind people is a natural social goal, so I found myself discussing art and music with proxart members every month at their monthly Black and White events(social events celebrating music and art). At some point our discussions led us to me having playing a roll as maybe a guy that can help them get some promotion at College of the Canyons.

But each conversation that took place led up to the point where they invited me to be one of the regular contributors to the Proxart movement. I did not hesitate to accept.

Proxart represents one of the artistic beacons, in an otherwise, cultural wasteland. Any creative person or artist in the Santa Clarita area knows quite well that our beautiful valley village can be and is very conservative and provincial. I am aware of this but not as bothered by the lack of culture as much as many other local artists are, that being said, movements like Proxart are neccesary to the health and well being of what arts community we do have in Santa Clarita.

Now back to shameless self and cross promotion:

Here is the Online Exposure video

(Online) Exposure: Zach Hill from Proxart on Vimeo.

And the blog where I wrote a small article promoting the idea of Online Exposure


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