Regarding Slumps

For those of you who do not know, I used to be a somewhat skilled basketball player, and still am an accomplished basketball coach.

I bring this up because sometimes my experiences with the game of basketball coincide with my journey in art. The clearest tie in being, that both artists and basketball players/teams can go through peaks and valleys, hot streaks and cold streaks, strong periods and slumps.

I am no different, in either area of my life.

I was going through a very strong period, but brief two week period where everything I painted became a composition I was really pleased with, as well as others. I was at a high point. But today I hit the wall, not as hard as previous instances of previous cold periods, but it still happened….. and it is always disappointing. I tried painting through it today for about two hours.

I finally created a composition I was pleased with and I decided to get out of Dodge before it got really ugly. I cleaned up and left the studio and I will not return until next week. I will not paint for the next 6 days. The most disappointing part of this break will be breaking my daily painting streak at 14, note even half way to 30 which was my goal.

I did not feel like painting, I was forcing myself too. It wasn’t a lack of feeling in a way of laziness or lack of motivation. I wanted to paint,  I bought materials the day before and learned new techniques, I was excited to try everything out. But I discovered quickly that a slump was on the way as nothing I an envisioned was transferring onto the canvas.

So I am just going to walk away, instead of going though a slump, or a cold period, I am going to avoid it. I am going to admire the paintings I have done well, figure out what went wrong in the paintings that did come out well, and when I feel like I am ready, I will hit the studio again.

Until then……. maybe I will shoot some hoops


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