What Now?

A big reality that I have had to embrace(or still struggling to really) is that everything has been done artistically, especially in the field of painting, my main and really only medium right now. Where are we supposed to go in contemporary art after Pollock, De Kooning, and Malevich? This is why painting has been declared dead several times only to be brought back by a new generation of young artists bringing their own spin on old techniques.

Because that is really the best we can do at this point, provide fresh ideas or viewpoints to old techniques of the masters before us.

Being a painter in the post-modern world of art can bd difficult to navigate, I like my paintings on a aesthetic and compositional level, others feel the same way. Yet lately I have felt a little satisfied or that my work still may be unfinished. When I feel this way, I usually question my ideas first, could they be better?

I think for the most part, yes and no. I like my ideas but I always want to further find and explore better ideas than the ones I have now, I want to always feel like my best work is ahead of me.

Maybe this is why conceputal, instillation, and performance art has taken a such a center stage in our post-modern world. Beacuse in those art forms, the ideas out weigh the aesthetics behind the work. It als doesn’t help that the digital age has gained a voice in the visual art field, thus further endagering the traditional painting.(I have nothing against digital art just so everyone knows)

I am going to continue to explore ideas in painting, but eventually I may be forced to take my ideas to other genre’s, mediums, and forms of art. Afterall, the idea is the foundation of art and the actual aesthetics and compositions are merely an amplifier for said ideas.


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