California cuts art education…. again 7.24

From time to time my articles on this blog will be politically charged. I believe that everyone has a responsibility to make their voice heard in the political arena, especially in the age of the Internet. In fact, it may be possible, that artists have a larger voice thus a larger responsibility to be as expressive as they can.

A few days ago, Republican Governor The Terminator helped pass and approve of legislation to balance the state’s budged that was well over 20 billion dollars in debt. But in true conservative fashion the greatest victim in this budget reform was education and not surprisingly the arts and music were cut first from schools in all grades and levels.

Because after all art and music is not important at all, they have only had a significant standing in every major civilization in the history of man(If you believe in that history).

In my opinion two factors are involved with this highly conservative cut:

1. Art and music promote ideas and insert them into the marketplace of thought. Conservatives want to promote beliefs, beliefs cannot be questioned, improved, or moved(ask the yes on 8ers about that). Beliefs require no intelligence, no rational thought. It’s easy for stupid people to believe, and stupid people are easy to control.

2. Art and Music have little to no corporate value, the CEO of Goldman Sachs cannot directly profit off of a painting. I could be wrong, but last time I heard, the New York art market was a billion dollar industry. But there are easier ways to make money, like swindle the po.. I mean sell health insurance, or con the middle cla.. I mean give out shady loans to unsuspecting families. Conservatives have taught us that greed is good, and wanting to be creative is not wanting to be greedy.

Children are no longer told to they can do whatever they want to in life, they are told to do something that will make them money. Of course that belief is disguised in several different ways: ” get married, start a family etc etc…..

But what most people really mean is make as much money as possible, and screw as many people as you can while doing it. Therefore pursuing a creative lifestyle is discouraged….

“There is just no money in it”



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2 responses to “California cuts art education…. again 7.24

  1. I agree it’s a shame that it came to this, but what do you think they should they have cut instead? When you’ve got a $26 billion gap you gotta cut pretty deep. Or do you prefer raising taxes? They’re already way high compared to the rest of the country. There are no easy answers here.

  2. Thanks Barbara for another comment, I do agree that this state is in dire straits and there probably are not a lot of choices. But anytime cuts have to be made, even times that are not as difficult, welfare and education are always the first to be cut. And part of this budget plan includes increased oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast…. which at the very least is not needed.
    We probably are in a situation where raising taxes is not the best idea and I am not a politician so I am not sure what else can be cut, I just would like to see education be the last resort, not the first one.

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