Art in the Park

I am still trying to get into the habit of posting here 3-4 times a week….. I’m getting there.

Proxart has done more for me as an artist than anything or anyone. It may be because this company is made up of great people I consider friends, it may be because I have joined their staff as a blogger, it may be because they/we are doing just as much, if not more, to spread arts and culture awareness than any other local arts group. It’s probaby because of all those reasons. But it doesn’t matter to me, these are great people that gives artists the opprutunity to share our work with people.

Saturday August 1st Proxart had a booth at the Concert in the Parks in Santa Clarita, my hometown. I had the great pleasure of doing some live painting and collaboration with artists Kasey Rae Knapp and Justin Miyamoto. I have no pictures of me during the event, but I was able to take some pictures of the fellow artists working on the background I put down on the collaborative artwork.




This was a great experience, and we got a lot of exposure and positive response for what we are doing.

I have some more exhibitions in the works, including of course, another proxart one.

Until next time


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