Bored to Death

Their is a new television show on HBO, if you know me…. that’s a weird thing for me to say as I rarely watch television. But the show Bored to Death has caught my eye and it hasn’t disappointed

With the feel of a Wes Anderson indie comedy(Maybe I feel that way because it stars Jason Schwartzmann) the show combines awkward dry comedy with a nice level of intelligence that makes me worried that this show is going to get canceled(as most good intelligent shows do)

The show is about a writer(Schwartzmann) who is struggling with writing his second novel and a break up with his girlfriend. As a result he begins moonlighting as an unlicensed private detective and the hilarity ensues.

For some reason I feel that I can totally relate, I work as a basketball coach and am a student, I believe I struggle with past relationships and/or flings and as result I moonlight as a musician, artist, but more importantly(at least for the purposes of this blog) a writer. I don’t know if funny things happen as a result, but I believe great things are happening as a result.

Thanks to proxart, I am realizing my dreams of being an article writer for art/music/culture, I am passionate about these things, I often express myself with these things, as a result I feel I must write about these things.

Proxart plans to take my dream one step further with a project of truly epic proportions. My moonlighting could become….. “sunlighting”? Ya I’ll just go with that.

Basically to my point, For the first time in my life, I feel that each day is better than the last one, not worse. For the first time I believe I am living every moment as if it were my last, and for the first time my dreams are coming realities.

Thanks to the proxart guys for making this man much much more happier than I was before I came across proxart…… there still is that whole romantic struggle thing, but that’s best left for another day. Oh and check out Bored to Death Sunday nights on HBO(I just felt like a shameless plug artist the second I finished writing that)

Listening to: Aphex Twin

Reading: Justin’s article on St Vincent! check out to read the article and stream the album

Watching: Jon Stewart, perhaps the most honest news show we have in this country.


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