The name of my band….. based off of Kim Peek the idiot savant featured in Rain Man….. Awesome? You decide

Anyways, KimpeeK has been together for over a year, but as a duo. Me and Tony O did all the stage work and recording of this band over the last year….. we got all the White Stripes and No Age comparisons a band should ever get in a lifetime!

But no more! KimpeeK has retooled with a new line up. Me and Tony O are still here as the band vets and anchors, but we have added the very talented and skilled Krista T and Justin M to the fray!

Justin is the perfect guitar player for this band! His scale melody work gives me haunting chills and they work so well with Tonys dark but not evil guitar sound. Krista is easily the best vocalist I have ever played music with….. don’t get crazy on me when I say this: but I think Krista is at a Feist, Jenny Lewis level! There I said it

We are still open to having a bass player, but I’ll definitely will go to musical battle with just these 3 if need be.

I digress……. We are playing our first show(as this lineup) This Saturday at Brave New World Comics

Be there…….. oh and us on facebook just search KimpeeK and keep an eye out for this:



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