Regarding Music and the Quest to Make the Good Kind

I’m not a music major, or a guy who has been playing guitar/piano for a million or something romantically awesome that would help me get girls, I suck at making vocal melodies, and song writing.

But I just love music and I love being a musician. Music influences everything I do, its the thing that keeps me going each day. Music contains the last drops of idealism left in in my body. Music gives me hope. Fortunately, the natural forces have graced me with natural abilities of understanding rhythm and sound, as a result I have developed into a pretty good drummer, I’m no Keith Moon or Mitch Mitchell, but I think I’m good at what most drummers should be good at. And I am getting good enough at the piano to play with other people too(I am so far away from anything special so don’t get excited…. not like you are or anything…. I wouldn’t be getting excited)

I’m excited to say that despite the hiatuses and blockades that seem to hamper my dreams of musicianship, I have finally managed to find other musicians who share my passion for music…. it seems like they are crazy enough or foolish enough to put all their eggs(hopes and dreams) into making music for a living. They don’t want to get famous(well maybe they do a little bit).

They just want to make good music….



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