Closing down for 2009

I am done with my abstract work for 2009. I am usually out of supplies and out of positive emotional energy around November/December and this year is no different. My body of work featured dramatic aesthetic changes….. In 2010 I plan on focusing on combining what worked best in 2008 with what worked best in 2009 to make my work more focused and methodical than ever before.

In the meantime I plan to continue to do figure and illustration work as I prepare for the spring semester. I also plan to be more aggressive and proactive at selling/showing my work which includes possibly hiring a PR or “artists agent”. I will also be seeking gallery representation in 2010. Lastly I will be pursuing music with 3 different bands in a last ditch effort to make some good music with good people.

Thanks for your interest in me as a friend and artist and I hope you have taken interest in my work and will continue to or start doing so in the future. As always you can find me on facebook, my blog at zacharyhillart.wordpress, twitter, and now tumblr.Clo


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